This month in the bulletin:

Case Laws - GST / Service Tax

The sad plight of dealers whose registration has been cancelled and the impending catastrophe


The Membership Data Updation form is available online. You can download it from here

The CASC Membership form can be downloaded from here

The fees for the Corporate Membership is fixed by The Committee of Management as mentioned below :

Corporate Annual Membership - Rs. 3000/- per corporate member

Corporate Life Membership - Rs. 20000/- per corporate member

The Life Membership is hereby stipulated as a period of 20 years.

Individual Annual Membership - Rs. 750

Individual Life Membership - Rs. 7500

Annual Membership - Rs. 500 (Period - April - March)

Subscription to CASC Bulletin - Annual - Rs. 200 (Period April - March)

Subscription to CASC Bulletin - Half Year - Rs. 125 (Period April - March)

Subscription to CASC Bulletin - 5 Years - Rs. 1000

(Back Issues subject to availability)

Advertisement Tariff

Full Page Back Cover - Rs. 2500

Full Page Inside Cover - Rs. 2000

Half Page Back Cover - Rs. 1500

Half Page Inside Cover - Rs. 1250

Full Page Inside - Rs. 1200

Half Page Inside - Rs. 750

Strip Advertisement Inside - Rs. 500

Strip Advt. inside - Rs. 500

Special Discount - Minimum 6 months advertisement is requried. If advertisement is 12 months or above special discount of 15% is available.
Your Demand Draft / Cheque at par should be drawn in the name of "The Chartered Accountants Study Circle" payable at Chennai. Kindly contact for updates.

2 Hours
Rs. 1000
2-4 hours Rs. 1500
Full Day
Rs. 2500
LCD Rent for 2 Hours Rs. 600
LCD Rent for 2-4 Hours Rs. 800
LCD Rent for Full Day Rs. 1200
The above amounts are EXCLUSIVE of Service Tax. Applicable taxes will be added
For regular users and members of CASC 20% discount is available

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